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Tomorrow is the last day of school…am I ready for this?! ha! 😉  Summer is almost here, and I envision hours and hours of outside playtime for the kids.  Of course they have their bikes, their jeeps, and other sports related stuff they could be doing outside, but you know their favorite thing to do?  Jump on our Avyna inground trampoline!  They can spend hours and hours out there just jumping!

For the longest time, my husband and I debated whether to get a playset or a trampoline, and we decided to get a trampoline first.  Now that we’ve had the trampoline for awhile, I say trampoline all the way!  I’m so happy that I got to partner with Avyna trampolines!  They offer both inground and above ground trampolines, but we really liked the idea of inground.  Living out here in the country, it is extremely windy, and of course appearance wise, I like how it blends well in the backyard.  Also, I know kids can get hurt on any trampoline if they’re not careful, but this seemed safer since it’s closer to the ground.

Let’s be real, Nick wasn’t too excited about digging a hole for the trampoline, but at least he had Blaine (Cecilia’s husband) and our two neighbors to help!  While they were digging, Nick said to me, “Why don’t you and Cecilia dig, and then me and Blaine will take pictures and blog.”  He’s pretty funny isn’t he 😉

We had our own digging crew on the side 😉  

I get asked about the water drainage, and with having normal soil, we didn’t have to do anything special with the drainage system.

Here it is!  It took them most of the day to dig the hole and get the trampoline set up, but it was all worth it in the end!  The kids were ecstatic to finally jump on the trampoline!  Oh and in case you were wondering, we have the 14 foot titanium gray one!

Here’s a video from the day!

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