I Live in My Laundry Room!

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I hate to even admit this, but I didn’t know how to do laundry until I got to college.  My five older sisters have always said we were spoiled, but Cecilia and I never realized it until we were off on our own in college.  Okay yes, my mom did spoil us. She always did our laundry growing up, and I still remember her using Tide, Downy, and Bounce products.  Of course, now laundry is just another part of my everyday routine. That’s why I’m so excited to share something that’s going to make all of your mom lives that much easier!  There is a special deal on Amazon where you can save 20% on your first Subscribe & Save order on all of the amazing laundry care products mentioned in this post between July 1st and Amazon Prime Day!  But more on that later 😉

The first year of college, I would call my mom while at the dorms asking her how to do laundry.   She would tell me step by step what to do, but I don’t think Cecilia ever learned…HA! If you didn’t know, her husband is the one that always does laundry. 🙂  You better believe, my kids will learn when they get older. We put a stackable washer and dryer on the second floor of the house specifically for that reason. They will definitely know how to do laundry before college!    

I’ve shared my laundry room only a few times on Instagram, so I figured this is the perfect time to reveal this room on the blog!  I wanted the laundry room to be soft and airy. I spend a lot of my time in here, so I wanted it to be calming. I joke that I practically live in my laundry room…especially with having four kids!  The kids know that if they can’t find me, I’m in the laundry room 😉   

Here’s our drying rack that I can’t live without!  I’m considering getting a second one actually!

As you can see in the above pictures, I have a canister full of Tide powder laundry detergent and a smaller canister full of Bounce fabric softener sheets.  When I buy the powder laundry detergent, I usually get the Tide that includes the Febreze. I like the smell, okay? 😉 I wanted to try something new, so instead of the powder detergent, I got these Tide PODS® + Febreze HE turbo laundry detergent pacs from Amazon.  I also got the Bounce® Outdoor Freshfabric softener sheets, too.  These are top brands I feel every laundry room needs.  Don’t forget Amazon’s “Prime Day” is just around the corner!

The Tide PODS + Febreze HE turbo laundry detergent is so convenient.  Why haven’t I used this sooner? I always do bigger loads, so I have to use two pods for each load.    

For the safety of children, the Tide PODS + Febreze container has a child guard.  You have to squeeze the two ends to even open the lid.

I order a bunch of stuff from Amazon, especially since the shipping is so fast.  One thing everyone needs to take advantage of is the Subscribe & Save feature!  You pick the products, and then Amazon will automatically ship the products to you every 1-6 months.  When you select the quantity, you can select the frequency (how often you want it shipped to you). As you can see below, you can save 5%, but if you subscribe to 5 or more products, you can unlock 15% savings on this product on top of Amazon’s already low prices.  I love taking advantage of these great discounts throughout the year. Plus, don’t forget that Amazon is offering 20% off your first Subscribe & Save order on the everyday laundry care essentials mentioned in this post between July 1st and Amazon Prime Day!  I’m talking high quality brands like Downy fabric conditioner, Gain laundry detergent, and Unstoppables Scent Boosters!  Check back in once Amazon Prime Day hits, and I might even have some more special Prime Day Savings for you guys 😉 Subscribe & Save is so convenient as a busy mom.  Buying household products is one less thing we have to worry about!

Hope you enjoyed that laundry room reveal!  When was the first time you started doing laundry?  I’d love to know!


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