About ‘the twins’ behind this blog!

We are twin sisters that decided 8 years ago to start a photography business together.  We are now putting our photography business aside to focus on our children and the love of decorating our homes.

Below is a little bit about us!

Cecilia’s family is currently living with Niña’s family while they built their house…8 kids and 4 adults.  It’s a circus over here! 😉

Even though we are twins, we have different taste in decorating our homes.  Niña enjoys country farmhouse interiors like in Fixer Upper, and Cecilia loves modern interiors like in Property Brothers.

Cecilia is married to Blaine (8 years and counting) and has 4 children (Dylan, Hendrix, Lennon, & Mariah…maybe one of them will be a famous musician). 😉

Niña is married to Nick (11 years & counting) and has 4 children (Johannah, Christian, Beckham, & Sebastian)

We are filipino and the youngest of 7 girls.  Yes, you read that right.  ALL girls!

Cecilia is 30 minutes older than Niña.

We are addicted to watching reality shows, in looooove with Target, and obsessed with Starbuck’s strawberry refresher (no water, sub cool lime)!

That’s it for now!

With love,

Niña & Cecilia

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