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This post is sponsored by T.J.Maxx, but all ideas and opinions are our own.

Anyone else getting the Christmas itch?? Well, this girl right here has it!  It’s seriously the best time of the year, and I notice myself humming Christmas carols already.  Cecilia and I are so excited to partner with T.J.Maxx and start decorating my house for Christmas!  Cecilia and I LOVE T.J.Maxx! It’s our go-to store for home decor and clothing.  We were so excited that they now offer online shopping!  It’s so convenient as a busy mom to just “add to cart.” 😉  They have great prices, and they offer products with any style!

The first area we wanted to decorate for the holidays is my foyer because this is the first thing you see when you come into our house.  I kept both of the rattan chairs and the round gold base side table in this area.  I like having a chair or a place to sit in the foyer area because it has that “come in, stay awhile” feel.  

We kept the main furniture pieces neutral and then added color with pillows, candles, and other accessories like lanterns and ornaments.  It’s pretty obvious on our instagram feed that we both love neutrals especially in our house.  The holiday season is a great excuse to get more color into my home.  This year, I wanted the foyer area to have green tones with a touch of gold.    

Let’s style the chair first!  With any chair, Cecilia and I like to add 2 pillows, one being simple and the other one patterned.  The jewel toned pillow and the plaid pillow look perfect together.  We then added a faux fur throw to give it more texture.  Adding a throw to any piece makes it more “comfy.”

Now onto the table!  With tables and shelves, it’s all about heights and layering.  We love the smaller trees from T.J.Maxx, and these are perfect for console tables, side tables, or coffee tables.  For the round table in my foyer, we went with the 2 ft tree in a galvanized pot.  We also love anything flocked, and this is so pretty in person!!!  

To add more height and pieces to the round table, we included this car snow globe and green and gold candle.

We always say that you can never have enough Christmas trees in your house.  This 4 ft tree which comes already in a ceramic pot was the perfect height for the corner.  It looks beautiful as is without any decor on it, but we added ornaments to add more color!  

Instead of having presents under the 4 ft tree, we added a set of two gold lanterns by the tree.  Ask Cecilia, I have an obsession with lanterns.  You can be creative with lanterns.  You can do what we did and just add candles inside of it, but we love how you can add candles or fill the lantern with pine cones, small christmas trees, ornaments, florals, etc.      

There you have it friends!  My foyer decorated for the holidays!  What do you guys think?  Have you started decorating for the holidays?  All items mentioned above are from

Items do sell out quickly, so the exact items we bought may no longer be available, but use the links below to find a broader selection of similar products:

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