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I have to admit, I’m not much of a Halloween person, BUT my husband and kids LOVE this holiday.  Candy has a lot to do with it 😉  I’m so last minute on decorating and glad I can just go into Walmart and get all my Halloween decor for my fireplace.  My fireplace is a focal point in our house, and it’s an easy area to decorate!

I went into Walmart and they have a whole section of outdoor and indoor Halloween decor, party supplies, costumes, baking supplies, and candy bags.  I found a bunch of spooky decor that was perfect for my fireplace.  I didn’t go too scary because I didn’t want to scare the kids (and myself) too much.

My kids had these small pumpkins from their cub scout meeting, so I put them inside the lanterns instead of a candle.  To break up the lanterns, I added the skull in between.  I still felt like this area was missing something, so I looped the chains through the lanterns.

For birthdays, I usually decorate the mantel with a banner, and I found this felt Happy Halloween banner in the Halloween party supplies area.

An easy and cheap way to decorate for Halloween is to get these stretchy spider web and place them anywhere you can!  There’s no wrong way of using this!  Just stretch and pull, and it will get the space ten times spookier!

Last year, I decorated my fireplace with bats, and this year I decided to do spiders.  I found these spiders at Walmart and placed them on the spider webs.

Probably my all time favorite purchase was this skeleton.  You can move the joints, so you can have it sitting, standing, or holding on to something.

These mouse paper silhouettes was the last thing I added to my decor!  Love how it looks against the spider web!

I hope you enjoyed my fireplace decorated for Halloween!  My husband and kids love it!


You can find all the Halloween decorations I used for my fireplace from Walmart!  Shop here:

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