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Spring time is here which means it’s time for the pastels and soft colors!  So excited to be partnering with OshKosh B’gosh!  On today’s blog post, I’ll be showing you coordinating outfit ideas for your kids.  Some of you guys know that we used to be photographers, so I always have the mindset of my kids wearing coordinating outfits when I know I’m going to be taking pictures especially if it’s for a special occasion 😉

For example, there’s Easter activities where your kids will be dying eggs, doing Easter egg hunts, going to church, and going to parties.  All of those activities are great photo opportunities.  When my kids have matching outfits during those activities, it looks like they’re in a photo shoot.  Here’s an example where they’re dying some eggs.  Now when you print these pictures off in an album or hang these up, it looks like a planned photo shoot, but really you’re just taking pictures of your kids dying eggs 😉

Now let’s talk about putting the outfits together!  Here are 4 things you need to know when deciding on what outfits to pick for your kids:

1) Coorinate - We always say that your outfits should be “coordinating” and not be too matchy matchy.  If I’m styling only my kids, I pick one of my kids’ outfits first.  Then I use that outfit to help select the other kids’ outfits by using a few of the colors from it.  For the Spring outfits, I picked my daughter’s dress first.  That was the dress that carried all the other outfits together.

2) Colors/Patterns - Instead of everyone wearing the same shade of color, think about what accent color would go well with it.  Also, keep in mind the different shades of a color (yellow, light yellow, mustard).  As mentioned above, I picked Johannah’s outfit first.  I loved the coral color on her dress, so I had Beckham wear a coral polo shirt too.  All four kids also wore different shades of blue.  Christian and Bashy both wore aqua shorts, Beckham wore a chambray shirt, and Johannah wore a denim jacket.

3) Layers - Layer, layer, layer!  That’s probably the biggest difference between outfits that look “great” vs outfits that look “wow.”  I didn’t want all the kids having layers on, so I had Johannah wear a denim jacket over her dress and Beckham wear a chambray button down shirt over his coral polo.  Other layering options to think about are vests, cardigans, sweaters, and blazers.

4) Shoes - Shoes can definitely complete an outfit whether it’s boots, sandals, or sneakers.  One thing we suggest is not to wear flip flops…at least for a photo shoot. 😉  Instead, wear nice/dressy sandals like Bashy’s sandals and Johannah’s sandals.

Now here’s each of their outfit details!  You can find all these pieces at your nearest OshKosh B’gosh store !

Johannah: dress // denim jacket // sandals

Bashy: shirt // shorts // sandals

Christian: shirt // shorts // shoes

Beckham: polo // chambray shirt // shorts // shoes

That’s another GREAT tip…mamas get in pictures!  Sometimes we’re so busy being behind the camera that we’re rarely in a picture.  Give that camera to someone or even set it on a tripod, so you can be in the pictures 😉

Hope you enjoy those tips on how to style your kids!  Keep all of those in mind for the next photo opp! Here’s an OshKosh B’gosh extra 20% off coupon for you to get your own kids some stylish clothes! COUPON CODE: In store: 037686 Online: OKBG3434

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