Summer Backyard Picnic

This post has been sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s the end of August…school has started and summer is winding down.  I feel like this year has been flying by, and now summer is almost to an end?!  I don’t know if I’m ready for Iowa winter!

In less than a month, it’s going to officially be fall, but there’s still time to enjoy the last bit of summer by having an outdoor picnic with the family!  Yes, you can have a picnic at a park, but why not just stay home and have it out in your backyard?  The kids can play in the backyard, sit down to eat, and play some more when they’re done.  The best part is you’re only steps away from your house to put everything away 😉

I was so excited to partner with Bed Bath and Beyond for our backyard picnic!  All the products in our backyard picnic is from there, and you can purchase these items in-store or online.

I love how our picnic turned out!

When I saw these platter and plates from their website, it just shouted, “SUMMER!” to me.  I love the colors!

Of course I went with these placemats.  If you’ve been following me for awhile, I have an oval version of this that I use all the time for table settings.  Also, salt and pepper shakers can be boring, but not if you have these antique stained salt and pepper mill!

I decided to put fruit in these small blue mason jars instead of having it in a big bowl.  This is perfect for the little ones!

Yeah it’s just a picnic, but it’s still nice to have a centerpiece like flowers to dress up the space a bit!  I used this cement planter as my vase for these pretty sunflowers.  I set the flowers on this wood/galvanized tray which is perfect to place stuff on for stability like beverages.  Check out this pitcher and glasses that comes with a rattan sleeve giving your outdoor entertaining a rustic feel.

These wooden forks and spoons come in a set of 100 which can also be used for parties.  I tied them onto the gray and white striped Kate Spade napkins.

Let’s be real, the kids only care about dessert 😉  Love this tiered stand that can hold a lot of desserts!  It actually comes as a 3 tier stand, but you can make it 2 tier like what I did here.

To carry items from the house to the backyard, I used this seagrass bag.  We have a garden, and we use this bag to haul our fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden too.

You know it’s a special occasion when mom buys juice pouches!  I don’t buy it that often because they can go through those so fast.  I filled up this galvanized beverage pail with ice and the juice pouches to keep the drinks cold for the kids.

You can use any blanket of course for your picnic, and I used two and layered it!  The blue knit blanket is on the bottom, and it comes in 3 other colors.  The cream chunky blanket gives this picnic that warm cozy feel.  My kids love how soft it is!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!  Happy Monday!

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