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If you’re coming from I’m SO glad you’re here!  Welcome!  I’m so happy to be in this Mama Must Haves blog hop with such talented ladies.  Since school is starting I’ll be talking about some back to school items that I think other mamas need to know about!

First off, did anyone else blink, and all of a sudden summer is over?!  There are times when I can’t wait for school to start, but then there are times when I feel like time just needs to slow down!  This summer just flew, and I can’t believe I have one that’s starting kindergarten and another that’s starting 2 year old preschool.  I remember just taking my kindergartener to 2 year old preschool, and now his little brother is going to be in preschool?!  Say WHAT?!  Then my two oldest are going to be in 4th grade and 3rd grade.  They’re starting a new school this year which is the same school Cecilia’s kids are going to.  They’re pretty excited to be in the same school as their cousins!

The first product I want to share with you guys are these PlanetBox lunch boxes!  These are eco friendly, stainless steel lunchboxes.  I think my favorite part is that it’s dishwasher safe.  Plus it’s just one lunchbox, so I don’t have to mess with a bunch of containers and lids.

These lunchboxes are perfect for school or even packing for a trip.  The one on the left is called the Launch lunchbox and the one on the right is the Rover.  The Rover has more compartments which gives you more options to pack.  The Launch has bigger compartments and it’s deeper, so you can pack a lot of food in there.

They also have these small containers which is perfect for sauces/dips and messy food.  Here I’m putting some ranch dressing in one of the little dippers because the kids love dipping their carrots in ranch.

The Rover comes with a big dipper and little dipper, and the Launch comes with one little dipper.

The Rover has a small middle compartment which is perfect for treats.  I put some m&m’s or skittles in this area 😉  The kids love it!

For holidays and birthdays, I like to do lunchbox themes.  Their favorite is Halloween and Valentine’s Day.  For Valentine’s Day, almost everything is in a heart shape 😉

The PlanetBox lunch bags has 2 pockets on the outside which is perfect for drinks and more snacks.  You can also put the big dipper container in one of the pockets.

The other product I want to share with you is this wooden letterboard by EmmerieLane.  I’ve seen a lot of letterboards, but I LOVE how this one is wooden.  She has different stain colors: red walnut, white oak, and black walnut.  The one I have is white oak!  You can of course use this as decor, but you can also use it for back to school photo opps!

EmmerieLane also has square wooden letterboards and also offer white letters if you prefer white instead of the black ones.  I’m seriously obsessed with it!  The kids love helping me put the letters on the board.

You can also use it for other milestones other than first day of school or last day of school.  In this picture, we used it for Johannah’s dance auditions.  She worked so hard all summer during summer study, and I wanted to remember this day!


GUESS WHAT?!  PlanetBox and EmmerieLane are giving one lucky winner a Rover PlanetBox lunchbox AND a wooden letterboard!  Go to my instagram tonight at 7pm CST to enter!!


I hope you and your littles have a great school year!  Now go to The Greenspring Home to see what she’s giving away on her blog!  Also, check out the other blogs in this amazing blog hop!!

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