Culver’s A Mother’s Day Treat

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Mother’s Day is almost here, and we want you to meet our mom!  Isn’t she the cutest?! We had lunch at Culver’s to celebrate HER.  Cecilia and I have such a busy life with all our kids and all the stuff we’re involved in, but we always make time for our mom!  Culver’s is a favorite of ours, and if you’ve never been to Culver’s it’s welcoming and family friendly. Culver’s menu is also cooked-to order, meaning they don’t start cooking your meal until after you’ve ordered it.  You can order your meals exactly how you want them. We each ordered our faves…especially those yummy crinkle fries!  We definitely demolished our sandwiches….ha!

As Cecilia and I get older, we appreciate my mom more and more every year.  We were born in the Philippines, and it’s always interesting to hear about our life there.  Cecilia and I are the youngest of 7 girls, and we didn’t have an extravagant life in the Philippines.  We didn’t have a lot to eat…small portions of food and no second helpings. When we were 3 years old, we moved to the U.S.  It was a scary moment going to a new place let alone a new country, but my mom was there to comfort us.

Our Lola (grandma) passed away 17 years ago, and my mom was telling us how hard it was to lose her mom.  We miss Lola so much! Lola and Lolo (grandpa) was the reason why we came to the United States. Lolo was working for the U.S. Embassy, and after visiting the United States and loving it, they decided to apply for immigration to live here permanently.  They worked and saved for 15 years to bring our whole family here for a better life!

One of my sisters is a dental hygienist, and she told us that one of her patients knew our Lola.  She used to work at the local bank and said that Lola would be so excited when she would come into the bank to deposit her paycheck.  Lola would say, “I have my paycheck to save money for my family to be here!”

Cecilia and I are so happy that we live in the Des Moines area now instead of living in different states.  Now my mom comes over to my house every week and stays with us for three days. Our kids love their Lola!

We ended our meal with their delicious frozen custard.  You can order those by the pint or quart too….YUM!

We had such a wonderful time at Culver’s!  It’s always a great time just talking to our mom and learning more and more about our family history and our Lola.   Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your mama!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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