Spring Into My Foyer

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Hi friends!  There’s some changes in my foyer area that I wanted to share with you today!  It’s hard to believe, but I finally got this area of the foyer decorated.  This space had been undecorated since Christmas!  Whenever I looked in this area, it would drive me craaaazy.  All I had in this space was a console table and the scroll, and I had no motivation for four months to finish the space.

Last week that all changed when we did some fun Instagram stories share along with our friend Erin from Cotton Stem.  Cecilia and I decorated this space two different ways.  For my “look,” I got rid of the console table that used to be here and replaced it with this outdoor bench.

The best part about decorating this space was that everything here I already had!  Cecilia and I like to reuse our decor and move it around into different spaces to get a different “look.”  The shutters on each side of the scroll used to be on my mantel, the side table I’ve had in this space before and it used to be in Johannah’s bedroom, and then the small decor pieces were stored in my home decor storage area.  Before when I was a photographer I had a prop closet, and now that has turned into a home decor storage area with lots of Christmas trees 😉

I love changing up the wreaths on my front door.  Maybe it’s not normal to put a wreath on the inside of your front door, but I always felt like something was missing.

Another change we recently made in my foyer area is adding these Sengled Element Classic light bulbs in my foyer.  It amazes me how I can control so much on my phone these days.  In my house, I can control the cable, dvd, and music for my main level tv and the basement projector on my phone.  For my car, I can unlock/lock the door and turn on the car from anywhere.  Now my house can be even smarter since I can control these light bulbs from my phone!  Yes, please!

There’s four types of Sengled Element products: soft white, daylight, turnable white, and color.  I went with the soft white Element Classic since I was putting it my foyer.  The description for the soft white was “feel a cozy, warm glow for an inviting atmosphere.”  Perfect description for this space especially since it’s by the front door.  I want people to come in and feel invited.

I’m not even kidding when I say that it only took me minutes to set this up!  The kit came with a hub and 2 light bulbs, and the first thing you have to do is connect the hub via ethernet cable (included) to your router.  The part that took me the longest was finding a switch to plug in the hub in my basement storage area.  Ha!  That’s telling you how easy the setup was!  Once you have the hub connected to your wi-fi, you can disconnect it from your router.  Done!

When Sengled reached out to me, I knew exactly where I was going to put these 2700k light bulbs.  The kids are always hanging out in this area either practicing on tumbling, playing soccer, playing catch, or just running back and forth.  When it starts getting dark outside, we always turn on the foyer lights. Now I can turn it on while I’m in the kitchen or living room!

I love how you can control these lights on your smart phone.  You just download the free app, and you can turn it on, off, dim, adjust the color temperature, and run a schedule for wake up, energy saving, and more.  Genius, right?!  You can also control the light bulbs via voice control by connecting these to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant!

Sengled has a commitment to the environment as a much more sustainable, energy efficient light bulb alternative in the market.  Not only do LEDs operate more efficiently, they also last longer.  In the app, you can control your light and also offer an option for reading your energy consumption.  Love how you can dim the lights to cut back on energy use, and program the lights to turn off automatically on the app to save energy.

I don’t know if you guys saw it on Instagram, but we got a puppy!  Her name is GiGi, a french bulldog.  We are obsessed, and it feels like I have a newborn again.  😉  We are potty training her, so there’s A LOT of potty breaks.  It’s my two oldest kids’ responsibilities to take her outside if they’re home from school.  When it gets dark outside they get a little scared to take her outside, so we turn these lights on along with the outdoor lights.

Isn’t she the cutest?!

Hope you liked how I added spring into my foyer area!  Lots of changes in this space, but definitely good changes!

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