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I don’t know about you all, but I will take all the organization & storage tips. Even better?
Organization & storage tips to make sure YOU don’t get any pests lingering in your home!
With Orkin Pest Control, I wanted to provide a few tips for you all to incorporate in your home
because we want pests to stay outside and not sneak their way inside especially with Cecilia’s
family living with us, we have a lot more food here and a lot more kids making their way into the
pantry and to the kitchen to eat! I’m excited to share these with you because little changes can
make a difference!

Let’s start with the pantry. If you have a cabinet of food items or an entire walk in pantry
of food, having it organized and clean is key. This helps visually so you can see where things
are (less of kids asking where certain things are when you know it’s in there), but also because
pests venture inside looking for food sources, and the kitchen is a goldmine full of sweets,
proteins and fats. It’s like a buffet for pests. Bottom line, the cleaner your kitchen the less
inviting it is to ants, flies, and cockroaches which also means less food contamination. Food
contamination is a huge concern with ants and cockroaches. Both carry bacteria on their
bodies, which spreads when they crawl in pantries and across countertops.

First tip:
Once you’ve opened food, seal it in an airtight container. Pantry pests can get inside packaged
products after they are opened, which they use as a breeding site and food source. GROSS!
Cookies, chips, crackers, cereal, nuts, pasta, and even flour and dried baking products are

Second tip:
To keep fruit flies from feasting, stick produce in the fridge or inside sealed bins as much as
possible. You should also rinse fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store.

Third Tip:

Clean crumbs and spills immediately. Wash down surfaces with cleaner or soap and water.

Fourth Tip:
Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight. This includes the sink and anywhere you might eat (like in
front of the TV). No one wants to be waking up to a dirty kitchen or having to clean up the
moment you wake up. Waking up to a clean kitchen makes me happy. Anyone else?!

Now to control pests. I remember when we had an ant problem when I lived in Peoria, IL, it was
gross seeing them in the kitchen. We actually tried to “fix” the problem ourselves. Yea, that
didn’t work (a total fail really), and it was quite frustrating. I’m sure some of you have had
problems like this and can relate.

Here are a couple tips for you:
1) Good sanitation reduces pests inside your home, but house maintenance is also important.
Make sure to caulk any gaps present in windows, doors, and cracks in the building foundation.
2) To avoid any frustrations, if you have a pest problem or want to protect your home from future
invaders, it’s best to seek expert advice and service from a licensed pest management
professional. Orkin’s highly-trained specialists will inspect your home from top to bottom and
design a custom solution to fit your home’s unique needs.

I hope these tips help you keep those pests away! Orkin Pest Control is so generous and has a
special offer for you, our friends!
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