pasta salad that the entire family will love

Want to try a pasta salad that the entire family will love?!  You gotta try this recipe!  I originally found it HERE made by the amazing cook Ree Drummond.  She made it look so easy that I wanted to give it a try and am so glad I did!  It was really easy too.  If I can do it, you surely can too!  Everyone ate it, including the kiddos!  It was the perfect side dish to go with the cheeseburgers and brats that were on the menu.  I decided to pass on the buns.  I also spruced it up by sprinkling diced jalapeños on top of my cheeseburger.  Yum!


-Cook pasta until tender; drain; rinse with cold water

-Cut bacon in half; Put in large skillet; cook until a bit crispy; set on paper towel

-Cut tomatoes and dice cheddar cheese into cubes

-Now time to make the dressing!  Mix milk, vinegar, mayo, and salt in a bowl

Combine all ingredients.  Add more salt and pepper as desired and then ENJOY!! 🙂

**Her original recipe included green onions and basil which I didn’t include but still tasted delicious!

My in-laws drove a couple hours to hand deliver Lennon’s birthday presents and spend time with the kids.  They’re pretty awesome!  Niña’s kids were also excited they came, call them “Grandma” and “Grandpa,” and tagged along to go fishing.  Here are a few pics:

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