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There are so many of us who are always on the go. 5 minutes is really all most of us have in the morning or in the driveway while you’re still in the vehicle! Right?!? Well, no worries because our wish has been granted, and Beautycounter came out with a 5 minute face set….making all of our lives that much easier!  Goodness, I wish I had this when I was in high school or college!!

Not only do these products perform, but they also only use the safest ingredients.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to be applying nasty chemicals all over my face.  If you had a choice of getting products that makes you feel / look beautiful AND also is safe for you, it really is a no brainer.  At 34 years old, I’m trying to do better with what products I’m using, but I’m thankful that the performance is always there.  I think sometimes we think if it’s safe then it won’t perform.  Totally wrong!

Ok so what do you get with the 5 minute face set?!  You get to choose SIX products, and I love how it’s totally customizable to your liking!!
1) Tint Skin Foundation
2) Concealer Pen
3) Brow Pencil
4) Mascara (Lengthening OR our NEW Volumizing)
5) Blush (Bloom/Tulip, Whisper/Tawny, OR Apricot/Flamingo)
6) Lip Gloss (Bare Shimmer, Opal, Buff, Dahlia, Peony, Ruby, Sienna, or Fig… SEE BELOW to give you an idea of which one you want to try.)

I love how I can get a “put together” look within a few minutes! It did only take me 4 minutes instead of 5 minutes in this video (wooohoooo), and that was even me talking!  This set is an awesome way to save some money and save time on anyone’s morning routine! There’s no need to be taking longer than 5 minutes… no one is walking down a red carpet every day. 😉  If you have any questions, please let me know!  Scope out all the amazing safer products HERE.

**If you’re wondering which shade of foundation to get…send us a pic of you (in natural light) and I’ll let you know which shade to get!

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