Summer Break Celebration

“This post has been sponsored by HERSHEY’S + Jet Puffed + HONEY MAID. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I seriously can’t believe that school is over!  What a perfect way to kick off summer break by having some s’mores!  Something so simple to make, but it gets our kids so excited. Marshmallows and chocolate have a lot to do with it too. 😉

I headed to Walmart to get all the ingredients to make s’mores.  Here’s Mariah holding all the goodies! Look at that smile!    

I got the necessities: Jet Puffed Marshmallows, HONEY MAID Honey  Grahams, and HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bars! I got some other flavors that the kids would enjoy like the Jet Puffed Strawberry Mallows Marshmallows, HERSHEY’S Cookies & Cream Bars, and HONEY MAID Chocolate Grahams.  

The graham crackers were in the cookie aisle, the chocolate bars were in the candy aisle, and the marshmallows were in the baking aisle.  Stock up on s’mores at your local Walmart store!

Nick got the fire going, and the kids patiently waited to get started!

FINALLY!  Time to make some s’mores!

I was surprised that they started off with making the original s’mores -instead of the other flavors.  There’s just something about having an original s’mores that everyone enjoys!

Anyone else like their marshmallows a little bit burnt?   

Every kid had marshmallow face 😉  

As some of you know, Cecilia and her family are living with us while they’re building their house. That just means more s’mores for everyone!  The kids love living together in the same house. So many memories are going to be made this summer!

Poor GiGi!  She wished she could have some too!

We live on 5.5 acres, and it’s so peaceful out here!  When I see the kids having fun, playing, and eating outside, it makes me so happy we live on acreage!

How are you celebrating the start of summer break with your kids?  I highly recommend roasting some s’mores! An easy and simple treat loved by many!

Head to Walmart to find all your s’more necessities!

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