I Finally Got House Numbers!

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I post numerous pictures of my front porch and front exterior of my house on Instagram especially after I decorate for different holidays/seasons.  One thing we’ve never had on the front of our house are house numbers. When you live in a neighborhood where the houses are closer together, it’s pretty common to have house numbers on your house.  In our current neighborhood most of the lots here are 3-5 acres, so each house has a little metal sign with their house number in the beginning of their driveway.

Now I finally get my house numbers!  I was so excited to get these Design Within Reach modern house numbers from eBay!  I love Design Within Reach and their modern designs, but even better that you can save up to 50% off their products on eBay!

You can select two different sizes and four colors.  They offer black, red, brass, and aluminum colors, and I went with black since my exterior color is a light gray.  

Each house number came with a template and screws.When I give my husband products to assemble or put up, sometimes it takes a little longer than expected. 😉  Let’s just say, we were both surprised how fast and easy he was able to put up the house numbers! Ha!

I love how these Design Within Reach house numbers turned out!!

There’s different spots where you can put house numbers like on the door, planters, siding, and columns.  We decided to put it on our front pillar. I thought about putting it on our siding above the door, but sometimes during the holidays I decorate that area.  It’s more visible on the pillar, so I’m glad we put it there!

Now I just have to add shutters to the exterior of my home!  I’m also trying to convince my husband to add flower boxes under the big windows, but he knows that I can’t keep flowers/plants alive!  Ha! Again, if you’re looking for house numbers, I highly recommend these Design Within Reach ones from eBay!

Here are my favorite Design Within Reach furniture pieces that I am loooooving!

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