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I can’t believe we have our house dug and ready to pour concrete!!  Before pouring the concrete, there is one very important step. Termite Treatment.  A city girl living out in the country, I’ve been having to get used to insects I probably have never seen before.  One thing I don’t want are termites ruining our new home.

There are eastern subterranean termites where we’re at in the Midwest.  Termites love to eat wood, so any home, old or new, is susceptible to termites.  From what I’ve read, termites are cryptic and can take shortcuts via cracks in wall or foundation.  Plus most insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by termites. YIKES!! This is why we knew we needed to take precautions in protecting a big investment….our house, especially during construction in the spring which is termite swarm season!  

Orkin Pest Control was there to help us!  They have 3 different treatments to choose from, and we decided to go with the Termidor Liquid Termite Treatment.  This provides a protective barrier around our home.  Not sure which treatment to go with? A qualified Orkin Termite Inspector will provide a free inspection of your home and design a custom treatment plan that fits your needs.

The day of treatment, they measure the area to determine how much liquid to apply.  

Orkin applied the liquid before concrete was poured.  This gives a protective layer where you don’t have access to.  They started off with the garage area, and then worked their way to the basement.  With our size of house, the application time took about 2 hours.


Corey, the Manager of the Urbandale, Iowa Orkin branch, was very helpful and so easy to work with.  We had them scheduled on a specific date, but it had snowed here (good ol’ Iowa weather) which held up our other subcontractors and caused us to have to push back the termite treatment.  I’m so thankful how flexible Orkin was to work with us. Corey will be back during the final grading of our home to do one last termite treatment. This time, they will apply the treatment around the house.  It’ll be like a force field around our house that no termites can get through! WOOHOO!!

If you’re building a home, I definitely encourage you to contact Orkin Pest Control.  

Now through June 30, 2018, call 877-284- 7210 and mention the offer code TC15 for 15% off your termite service with Orkin Pest Control.

Any chance to protect your home is key!  I’m so glad we got ours done!


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  • Awww, Corey is such a nice guy. Glad you guys had a good experience with Orkin! Thanks for the coupon code.