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This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning, but all ideas and opinions are our own.  

I’m so excited to show you all my master bedroom outdoor deck reveal with the help of Tuesday Morning!  I have been wanting to decorate this space for the longest time, but I just kept on putting it off.  Even my husband has been asking me to do something with this space!

This outdoor deck is outside our master bedroom.  This wasn’t even in our original floor plan.  During the building process, my husband decided that he wanted to have a deck here to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning/read a newspaper before he started off his day or to enjoy a drink after work.  (Both hasn’t happened yet…ha!)  We were supposed to have 3 windows on one wall of our master bedroom, but he made a change order and put a door instead of the third window.  At that time, I was rolling my eyes because I didn’t think we needed a deck, but now I’m glad it’s here!

I headed to my local Tuesday Morning store, and there were so many outdoor pieces to choose from!  I knew I wanted some type of furniture piece here, but I didn’t know if I should do a bench, two wicker chairs, two rocking chairs, or two Adirondack chairs.  All those options were at Tuesday Morning, but I went with the wooden bench instead.  It fit perfectly in this space!

The bench didn’t come with a cushion, and I needed one for this bench because my husband is all about comfort!  I love this striped one that I found in the store.

An outdoor rug isn’t really necessary in this space, but I always feel like adding a rug makes the space more comfy and home-y.  I went with a neutral piece.  There’s no pattern, but going with a textured piece doesn’t make it too plain.

The furniture piece and the rug are the items that I needed to have in this space, and now onto the fun part! 😉  The next items are pieces you can use to decorate the space.  First up is lanterns!  I have lanterns inside my home and outside my home…I love it that much!  You can never go wrong with lanterns.  Lanterns come in different sizes, so depending on the space, you can have one or numerous lanterns in different shapes/sizes.  Inside the lantern, you can of course have candles, but I like to put some greenery in there to add texture/colors.  I also added a throw blanket because we all know that it gets a little chilly at night.  I went with a neutral blanket since the cushion already had a striped pattern.

If you have an outdoor space that you will use for entertaining, Tuesday Morning has a variety of trays, cups, and plates/platters to choose from.  I went with this wooden tray that matched the bench, and I love these glass cups that came with the decorative rattan wrapping.  I usually stick with plain white plates/platters, but this design caught my eye.  It shouts summer entertaining to me! 😉  Last piece in this area is the floral arrangement.  If you want to add more color to a space definitely add florals to it.  I love the lilacs especially the different tones of purple here.

Another piece you can add to your outdoor space is wall decor.  I went with a wreath for this space, and I hung it on the wall using a command hook.  Adding a wreath makes any area inviting.

So what do you guys think?!  I love how it turned out!  Again, everything is from Tuesday Morning!  I highly recommend checking your local store for your outdoor space!  Don’t forget to check out their ad event page where you can see the latest deals!  Let me know what you think of the space!!

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  • Absolutely beautiful, looks so comfy and cozy, and like it cost a ton of $$ to make it look so “fancy!” You are incredibly talented, creative,& I am your newest, biggest fan!!! God Bless and cannot wait to see more from you and Tuesday Morning!!