Mosquito Treatment with Orkin Pest Control

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As many of you know Cecilia’s family is living with us right now.  What does that mean?!  We are telling the kids to GO OUTSIDE and play, especially now that school is out.  Plus with summer around the corner, we are outdoors more than inside the house!  They don’t complain at all about being outside since that’s where they can run around, jump on the trampoline, play sports, and play on the water slide and with the sprinklers.  Then BOOM…They start getting bit by mosquitos.  Once that happens the fun is over, and they want to head back inside.

Plus, we love eating on the deck for dinner especially with such a peaceful setting out here in the country around dusk, but it’s not at all enjoyable when we have to start slapping mosquitos away while trying to eat dinner.

Gosh, mosquitoes SUCK… literally!  Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance. When they bite, mosquitoes are able to transmit dangerous diseases like Zika virus, chikungunya virus, West Nile virus and more.  (More info HERE) Yikes!!  No thanks!!

Cecilia had a termite service done by Orkin Pest Control on their new construction home across the street (you can check it out HERE), and we had Orkin Pest Control over at our house this time to get a mosquito control service done.

An Orkin technician inspected the area. He then told me where he would be applying the treatment. The mosquito treatment that was done at our house may be different from yours. Your Orkin technician can answer your questions about the exact treatments he’s performing on your yard, as every treatment is customized. Don’t worry, their treatments are approved and regulated by the EPA, and their technicians are especially trained to use them. I’ll be honest before he came, I thought our whole yard would be sprayed. Keep in mind when they do apply a treatment, it is in focused areas of the yard to target the places where mosquitoes breed. The areas he mentioned where mosquitoes breed are shaded areas, tall shrubs and tall grass along our fence line, and underneath the deck. Mosquitoes thrive in conditions with warmth and moisture, and cannot survive in freezing temperatures. That’s why summer is prime mosquito season. But in warmer parts of the country, mosquitoes may be active all year. Even if you have not seen mosquitoes yet, you will. Mosquito season can start as early as April and last through October, with June through August being the most active months for activity due to the warm temperatures. JUNE, JULY, AUGUST… make sure to get your treatment done sooner rather than later!

We don’t have any neighbors nearby but if you do, keep in mind that mosquitoes can fly from neighboring yards. They don’t care about property lines and fence lines. It’s important to talk to your neighbor(s) and work together to eliminate conditions where mosquitoes can breed.

I gotta say that our Orkin technician doing the treatment was informative, answered all my questions, and the treatment was quick even with a large area to cover! Once he was done, he designed a custom treatment plan that fit my yard’s needs. Guess what?! our Our kids have not complained about any mosquitoes since he was here. WOOHOO!!

If you and your family are outside most of the summer and you love entertaining, I highly encourage getting something like this done!  Guess what?!  Orkin is offering $50 OFF your initial service for mosquito control. Sign up HERE or call 877-778-2497 and mention Zero Bite [0bite].


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