Junk Parlor | Centerville, IA

Cecilia and I have always said that we wish we had more time to go antiquing or go shopping at small town shops.  We were so excited to finally visit the Junk Parlor in Centerville, Iowa!  If you have never been here, you totally should!  Junk Parlor is only open the second weekend of every month, Thursday through Sunday.

Meet Brooke!  She’s the owner of the Junk Parlor.  She rearranges the shop every month, so you see something new every time you go in there!  Brooke is seriously the kindest!  She greets every single person that walks into the store like it’s their first time being in there.

We love going to these shops because the styling and the vignettes are so gorgeous and so unique!  If you need help styling, Brooke is the person to ask!  I love the tablescape here:

So many pretty little details!

People stop by here from all over Iowa to visit the Junk Parlor!

We’re all about letters…different materials/size/color, and the shop has so many to choose from.

We were so happy to meet Brooke, and we highly recommend stopping by the Junk Parlor!  You’ll find old, new, pretty, funky stuff there.  Definitely won’t be disappointed!

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